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Mobile Bookkeepers Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh

Beenleigh Bookkeeping Services

beenleigh-bookkeeping-good-accounts-myob.jpgMany small business owners in Beenleigh have discovered the benefits of outsourcing their bookkeeping.

They engage mobile bookkeepers just as they hire other contractors to perfom various services in which they have neither the time nor the inclination to carry out themselves

In Beenleigh you’ll find a range of bookkeeping services with bookkepers of varying expertise.

Finding the right bookkeeper
Finding the most suitable bookkeeping service for your Beenleigh business can be quite a challenge. Recent changes in legislation require bookkeepers that lodge BAS statements to have a CERT IV and become a registered BAS agent

Just as having a driving licence does not necessarily mean that you are experienced to race in the Bathurst 1000, so to a “piece of paper” doesn’t make someone a bookkeeper

You’ll find that many experienced bookkeepers had no formal qualifications. THey’ve been through the School of Hard Knocks, and have far more experience “in the trenches” than a freshly qualified bookkeeper straight out of TAFE or university

Rather than focusing on their hourly rate, or how many certificates they’ve accumulated, you should ask them how much experience they’ve had as a freelance bookkeeper

This is very different from years of working in the accounts department of a large company, or doing the bookkeeping for their spouse in the family business.

Ask your potential bookkeeper for references from any accountants that they have worked for / with. You’ll find that bookkeepers will deal with a number of accountants, as each client tends to have their own accountant. Contact Us for more information

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