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Mobile Bookkeepers Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh

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Beenleigh Bookkeeping Services

beenleigh-bookkeeping-good-accounts-myob.jpgMany small business owners in Beenleigh have discovered the benefits of outsourcing their bookkeeping.

They engage mobile bookkeepers just as they hire other contractors to perfom various services in which they have neither the time nor the inclination to carry out themselves

In Beenleigh you’ll find a range of bookkeeping services with bookkepers of varying expertise.

Finding the right bookkeeper
Finding the most suitable bookkeeping service for your Beenleigh business can be quite a Read more… »

Ormeau Bookkeeping: Helping Small Business with a bookkeeping health checkupBookkeeping can be so tedious for many people – yet our Ormeau bookkeping service has a team of professional bookkeepers who love to help small business.

For many small business owners it seems pretty boring entering data into a computerised accounting software program, as well as being totally unproductive. And the more bookkeeping that you do for your business, it seems the more there is still left to do.

After a hard day or week at work, the last thing you want to do is go home and sit infront of a computer and enter bookkeeping data

When the economy is in such a state and money is so tight, there’s even more reason to make sure that your bookkeeping is upto date.

You may use MYOB accounting software, or Quickbooks, or some of the other more popular bookkeeping software packages. However, unfortunately having a bookkeeping software package doesn’t turn you into a bookkeeper.

What’s worse is that you can make a simple mistake in the data entry that can throw your figures out totally, and you could end up paying the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) more than you need to be doing.

When’s the last time you had someone have a real good look at your accounts? We’re not talking about your accountant, who just looks at the bottom line figures – we’re talking about really looking through your chart of accounts and identifying errors in allocations that can end up giving you false reports.

Ormeau Bookkeeping : BAS Due 28 April 2011Time is running out for getting the bookkeeping upto date for your Ormeau, Yatala, and Beenleigh businesses, with the deadline due 28 April 2011

Our Ormeau bookkeepers are busy completing BAS lodgements for our bookkeeping clients, with Easter, ANZAC Day, and the April 28 deadline rapidly approaching

Completing BAS forms has (theoretically) become simpler with the various accounting software packages that people have.

MYOB and Quickbooks software can give you a false sense of security, and there’s always a risk that you’ve entered the data incorrectly, resulting in the wrong figures being entered on the BAS form

How to safeguard against incorrect BAS lodgements

The last thing that your Ormeau, Yatala, or Beenleigh business can afford is to pay the ATO more than is absolutely necessary. Our Ormeau bookkeepers often discover businesses that have made silly errors in data entry. After reviewing their files we’ve shown them how to save $thousands (in some cases).

Ormeau Bookkeeping -BAS Due 28 April 2011The investment into having your bookwork reviewed by our Ormeau bookkeeping team is insiginificant compared to the benefits of accurate bookkeeping for your Ormeau business. Contact us today for a review of your bookkeeping

We’ve been chatting about New Year’s resolutions, and thinking what bookkeeping resolutions small business can make and keep in 2011. Read more… »

WARNING: Bookkeeping and Christmas holidays for South East Queensland (SEQld) small business owners.

Our Ormeau bookkeeping service clients understand the added expense in wages through operating over the Christmas Holiday period as a result of the Holidays Amendment Bill 2010.

It’s like all your Christmases have come at once!

When is Christmas a holiday in Queensland?
In 1983, the Holidays Act legislated that 25 December (Christmas Day) and 1 January (New Years Day) are listed as public holidays.

When those days fall on a weekend, then the Act also provides for the substitution of other days as public holidays.

We’ve talked before about the benefits of a cheap Ormeau bookkeeping service, and were reminded once more by a prospective client in Pimpama looking for a book-keeper

He was very keen to have a bookeeper come in and show him how to do his bookkeepering, and train him to use MYOB so that he could raise invoices etc. Suddenly he was more focused on the Read more… »

Ormeau Bookkeeping For June 30

Our ormeau Bookkeeping Team are getting all our clients ready for June 30, the end of finanial year

There’s many reasons why you should get your bookkeeping upto date before the end of the financial year on 30 June 2010.

Often clients are devastated when they discover how much tax they have to pay because they didn’t plan for the FYE (financial year end). Leaving it until after 30 June is too late.

We are not tax agents or accounts, but our team of mobile Ormeau bookkeepers can certainly help you get your paperwork upto date so that you can at least have three quarters of the 2009/2010 financial year upto date and ready to visit your accountant before the end of June 2010

Bookkeeping With Abacus

Bookkeeping With AbacusImagine Bookkeeping with an abacus?

For many people the abacus is a very slow calculator – yet to others, using an abacus is quicker than using a pocket calculator. For a large Swedish flat-pack homewares store, the abacus is merely a children’s toy

Whilst visiting China almost twenty years ago, we experienced a totally ironic sight.

In a department store the chinese were selling pocket calculators across the counter.

cartoon source: a customer went to make a purchase, the shop staff would grab the abacus to calculate the transaction!

Imagine that: selling a pocket calculator and using an abacus to conduct the transaction!!

It seems that the abacus has been around for at least 2000 years.

Possibly originating in China or Babylon, the abacus was common in the Roman empire.

As mentioned, the abacus is still very much in evidence in China, as well as Japan (as the Soroban), and even Russia (the schoty).

Business Activity Statements  BAS are due on 2 march 2010 for businesses in  Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh,South East Queensland, Australia,

Business Activity Statements BAS are due on 2 March 2010 for businesses that report their GST obligations quarterly in Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh, South East Queensland, Australia,

With the Christmas holiday period over for many small businesses, it’s time to get all your paperwork together and get it to your bookkeeper or outsourced bookkeeping service- to report on the 2nd quarter (1 September to 31 December 2009) to get your BAS lodged on time.

If you are struggling with your bookkeeping and need help, if you do not have a bookkeeper, or are looking to outsource to a mobile bookkeeping service, then contact us now

You may use MYOB or Quickbooks accounting software – or even some other syatem for your bookwork. We can assist you with any challenges, or even just releave you of the burden of the book-keeping

Our bookkeeping Service has clients in and around Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh,South East Queensland, Australia, Contact us here for details

When potential clients contact our Ormeau bookkeeping service, they often ask us: “what is your hourly rate for bookkeeping?” and whether we use Quickbooks or MYOB

They then try to make a comparison by phoning up other bookkeeping services around Coomera and Eagleby in the belief that they can hunt around and find a bookkeeper charging a better rate and therefore make the assumption that by paying a lower rate for bookkeeping services they will save money.

On the surface, this may be a logical thought process. Mathematically, it ‘s a simple equation: The job takes “X” hours @ “defined rate” = Total Cost of bookkeeping services

Therefore by finding the lowest “defined rate” = You’ll lower the total cost of book-keeping.

However, there are a number of variables in this equation. How do you ascertain whether both bookkeepers will do the same amount in the allocated “x” hours?

How do you know that the quality of work will be the same?

There may be a number of reasons why a bookkeeper is charging a lesser rate:
1) The bookkeeper needs the work
2) The book-keeper lacks experience / confidence
3) The bookkeeper does not know the true value of their service
4) The bookkeeper has lower overheads

The bookkeeping raterefers to the amount of money that consumers have to give up to acquire that bookkeeping service.

Whereas the Cost refers to the amount paid to produce that service. The cost represents the sum of the value of the overheads – offices, labour, travel, experiences and expertise.

So when the client asks the hourly rate, do they really want to know how much the bookkeeping will cost? And if they focus on the COST, are they looking at bookkeeping fees being an expense or an investment into their business

A bookkeeping expense could be the result of trying to save money on bookkeeping fees by engaging the cheapest bookkeeper, where as investing in a bookkeeping service that has expertise, experience, and higher fees may produce better results for your business and ultimately save you time and money overall

When enquiring about bookkeeping in and around Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh,South East Queensland, Australia, remember the difference between hourly rate, cost and price.