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Mobile Bookkeepers Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh

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When searching for Bookkeepers and Bookkeeping Services in Ormeau and Yatala there’s a number of factors to consider:

1. Fees and Charges
The first question most small business owners ask when looking for bookkeeping services and bookkeepers in the Brisbane – Gold Coast corridor is “What’s your hourly rate for bookkeeping?”

If you think about that question for a minute, you may begin to undertsand that knowing an hourly rate does not tell you how much your bookkeeping fees will be each month.

Help With MYOB Bookkeeping in Yatala

A number of our bookkeeping clients in Yatala use MYOB accounting software to streamline the process of bookwork.

Unfortunately for some small business owners in Yatala, their bookkeeping has become a nightmare for a number of reasons. some of which we’ve Read more… »

Beenleigh Bookkeeping Services

beenleigh-bookkeeping-good-accounts-myob.jpgMany small business owners in Beenleigh have discovered the benefits of outsourcing their bookkeeping.

They engage mobile bookkeepers just as they hire other contractors to perfom various services in which they have neither the time nor the inclination to carry out themselves

In Beenleigh you’ll find a range of bookkeeping services with bookkepers of varying expertise.

Finding the right bookkeeper
Finding the most suitable bookkeeping service for your Beenleigh business can be quite a Read more… »

Ormeau Bookkeeping: Helping Small Business with a bookkeeping health checkupBookkeeping can be so tedious for many people – yet our Ormeau bookkeping service has a team of professional bookkeepers who love to help small business.

For many small business owners it seems pretty boring entering data into a computerised accounting software program, as well as being totally unproductive. And the more bookkeeping that you do for your business, it seems the more there is still left to do.

After a hard day or week at work, the last thing you want to do is go home and sit infront of a computer and enter bookkeeping data

When the economy is in such a state and money is so tight, there’s even more reason to make sure that your bookkeeping is upto date.

You may use MYOB accounting software, or Quickbooks, or some of the other more popular bookkeeping software packages. However, unfortunately having a bookkeeping software package doesn’t turn you into a bookkeeper.

What’s worse is that you can make a simple mistake in the data entry that can throw your figures out totally, and you could end up paying the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) more than you need to be doing.

When’s the last time you had someone have a real good look at your accounts? We’re not talking about your accountant, who just looks at the bottom line figures – we’re talking about really looking through your chart of accounts and identifying errors in allocations that can end up giving you false reports.

Highway Robbery At Stapylton

Highway Robbery At StapyltonTalk about highway robbery – Driving along the Pacific Motorway today, noticed the fuel prices being advertised at the BP Service centre just off the highway at Stapylton

With unleaded fuel being sold for 1.329 / litre in Beenleigh, it was disgusting to see the BP price of $1.49 taking advantage of interstate or out-of-town motorists who would not be aware of substantially Read more… »

March Quarter Q3 BAS due 28 April 2011

March Quarter Q3 BAS due 28 April 2011Businesses around Ormeau, Pimpama, and Beenleigh have hardly got over the rush to lodge their December Quarter BAS returns

Now, as the month of March comes along, we find that people are starting to panic about having any available funds to be able to pay their March Quarter Q3 BAS due 28 April 2011

This year Easter falls on the weekend just before ANZAC Day, so we’ll be pushing to get our clients BAS in order before the Easter School holidays

With the wonderful Federal Government always scheming ways to help us spend our money it’s a wonder why any small business bothers to keep going

28 February 2011 – Lodgement Q2 BAS

We’ve been reminding all our small business owners and operators in in and around Ormeau, Beenleigh, Yatala, Eagleby, Coomera and Pimpama that the second quarter BAS is due on 28 February 2011. That’s applicable to all Business owners that report their GST commitments quarterly – and so the pressure is on to complete their Business Activity Statements ready for lodgment by 28 February 2011

ormeau yatala beenleigh bookkeeping BAS is due on 28 February 2011
For many business owners that have been struggling with staying ontop of your bookkeeping, it’s time to hand it over to a professional mobile bookkeeping team such as our Ormeau Bookkeeping service

Contact our Ormeau bookkeeping service for help with your bookkeeping, whether you use Quickbooks, MYOB or other accounting software. We service clients in and around Ormeau, Beenleigh, Yatala, Eagleby, Coomera and Pimpama

Businesses in flood affected areas

Businesses in flood affected areas have automatically been granted an extension of time, depending on your suburb postcode Contact our Ormeau bookkeeping service for more details

Our thoughts go out to all Queenslanders who’ve suffered as a result of the recent floods

floodsWhilst the physical clean up has started in many suburbs and country towns, there’s a huge trail of destruction that’s still to be addressed

It’s been a very challenging time for so many people – and we’ve really only just seen the start of the clean-up. Who knows what the cost is going to be to small business owners – not only those caught directly by the floods – but Read more… »

We’ve been chatting about New Year’s resolutions, and thinking what bookkeeping resolutions small business can make and keep in 2011. Read more… »

WARNING: Bookkeeping and Christmas holidays for South East Queensland (SEQld) small business owners.

Our Ormeau bookkeeping service clients understand the added expense in wages through operating over the Christmas Holiday period as a result of the Holidays Amendment Bill 2010.

It’s like all your Christmases have come at once!

When is Christmas a holiday in Queensland?
In 1983, the Holidays Act legislated that 25 December (Christmas Day) and 1 January (New Years Day) are listed as public holidays.

When those days fall on a weekend, then the Act also provides for the substitution of other days as public holidays.