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Help With MYOB Bookkeeping in Yatala

A number of our bookkeeping clients in Yatala use MYOB accounting software to streamline the process of bookwork.

Unfortunately for some small business owners in Yatala, their bookkeeping has become a nightmare for a number of reasons. some of which we’ve Read more… »

Ormeau Bookkeeping: Helping Small Business with a bookkeeping health checkupBookkeeping can be so tedious for many people – yet our Ormeau bookkeping service has a team of professional bookkeepers who love to help small business.

For many small business owners it seems pretty boring entering data into a computerised accounting software program, as well as being totally unproductive. And the more bookkeeping that you do for your business, it seems the more there is still left to do.

After a hard day or week at work, the last thing you want to do is go home and sit infront of a computer and enter bookkeeping data

When the economy is in such a state and money is so tight, there’s even more reason to make sure that your bookkeeping is upto date.

You may use MYOB accounting software, or Quickbooks, or some of the other more popular bookkeeping software packages. However, unfortunately having a bookkeeping software package doesn’t turn you into a bookkeeper.

What’s worse is that you can make a simple mistake in the data entry that can throw your figures out totally, and you could end up paying the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) more than you need to be doing.

When’s the last time you had someone have a real good look at your accounts? We’re not talking about your accountant, who just looks at the bottom line figures – we’re talking about really looking through your chart of accounts and identifying errors in allocations that can end up giving you false reports.

Business Activity Statements  BAS are due on 2 march 2010 for businesses in  Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh,South East Queensland, Australia,

Business Activity Statements BAS are due on 2 March 2010 for businesses that report their GST obligations quarterly in Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh, South East Queensland, Australia,

With the Christmas holiday period over for many small businesses, it’s time to get all your paperwork together and get it to your bookkeeper or outsourced bookkeeping service- to report on the 2nd quarter (1 September to 31 December 2009) to get your BAS lodged on time.

If you are struggling with your bookkeeping and need help, if you do not have a bookkeeper, or are looking to outsource to a mobile bookkeeping service, then contact us now

You may use MYOB or Quickbooks accounting software – or even some other syatem for your bookwork. We can assist you with any challenges, or even just releave you of the burden of the book-keeping

Our bookkeeping Service has clients in and around Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh,South East Queensland, Australia, Contact us here for details

When potential clients contact our Ormeau bookkeeping service, they often ask us: “what is your hourly rate for bookkeeping?” and whether we use Quickbooks or MYOB

They then try to make a comparison by phoning up other bookkeeping services around Coomera and Eagleby in the belief that they can hunt around and find a bookkeeper charging a better rate and therefore make the assumption that by paying a lower rate for bookkeeping services they will save money.

On the surface, this may be a logical thought process. Mathematically, it ‘s a simple equation: The job takes “X” hours @ “defined rate” = Total Cost of bookkeeping services

Therefore by finding the lowest “defined rate” = You’ll lower the total cost of book-keeping.

However, there are a number of variables in this equation. How do you ascertain whether both bookkeepers will do the same amount in the allocated “x” hours?

How do you know that the quality of work will be the same?

There may be a number of reasons why a bookkeeper is charging a lesser rate:
1) The bookkeeper needs the work
2) The book-keeper lacks experience / confidence
3) The bookkeeper does not know the true value of their service
4) The bookkeeper has lower overheads

The bookkeeping raterefers to the amount of money that consumers have to give up to acquire that bookkeeping service.

Whereas the Cost refers to the amount paid to produce that service. The cost represents the sum of the value of the overheads – offices, labour, travel, experiences and expertise.

So when the client asks the hourly rate, do they really want to know how much the bookkeeping will cost? And if they focus on the COST, are they looking at bookkeeping fees being an expense or an investment into their business

A bookkeeping expense could be the result of trying to save money on bookkeeping fees by engaging the cheapest bookkeeper, where as investing in a bookkeeping service that has expertise, experience, and higher fees may produce better results for your business and ultimately save you time and money overall

When enquiring about bookkeeping in and around Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh,South East Queensland, Australia, remember the difference between hourly rate, cost and price.

There are a number of factors that you may wish to consider when looking to outsource an Ormeau mobile bookkeeping service. Like many Ormeau business operators, your time is very valuable, and finding opportunities to do your bookkeeping always seem to be overtaken by other tasks needed to run your business.

The first benefit of having an Ormeau professional bookkeeper come in and do the bookwork is that we won’t be distracted by other incidents that occur during the day in your business

Secondly, we do bookkeeping everyday, are skilled, well practiced, experienced and more than likely faster than you would be

Thirdly, we can most likely streamline the bookkeeping process for you, take away the stress and pressures of doing the bookwork, and free up your time to focus on what you do best in your Ormeau, Yatala or Beenleigh business, and more importantly give you back some time that you can be spending with your family

You ask about an hourly rate.
We believe the question that you really want answered is “How much will it cost me to outsource my bookkeeping?” – that depends if you regard your bookwork, and having a handle on the financial side of your Ormeau, Yatala or Beenleigh business, as an expense or an investment.

Our clients regard our Ormeau bookkeeping service as an investment into their business for reasons mentioned above. You could be looking at anywhere from $150 per week, $300 per month or quarter, depending on the VOLUME of paperwork moving across your desk – an hourly rate really doesn’t answer your question.

We’ve come in behind bookkeepers at a third of the rate, taken four times as long, made heaps of errors, and ended up costing the client heaps – so cheapest isn’t necessarily the best

The easiest way we could give you a quote is to review your existing MYOB or Quickbooks file, and make an estimate based on your first year’s trading (not turnover, but number of transactions recorded)

We can have a chat, so that I can get a better idea of the amount of work involved in your bookkeeping, and therefore give you more of an idea of a budget for the bookkeeping in your Ormeau, Yatala or Beenleigh business

Our professional team of MYOB / Quickbooks experienced contract bookkeepers provide all aspects of bookkeeping at your premises or ours

  • We’ll Set you up with a book keeping system
  • We’ll Teach you how to use accounting software
  • We’ll show you how to file your paperwork
  • We’ll chase up your bad debts
  • We’ll run reports to show how much money you or, or are owed by others

For small businesses in and around Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh, South East Queensland, contact our Beenleigh team of mobile book-keepers now

Supplying MYOB Software

As MYOB professional partners, we’re authorised to supply MYOB accounting software. We can supply, install, and train our clients to do their bookkeeping using MYOB software.

A client contacted us yesterday asking us to supply them with MYOB Premier Enterprise for their franchise. It’s a “high-end” version of accounting plus – and comes with five single usr licences

This means that you can have five different users – in different locations, all access the one data file. It’s great for retail outlets – maybe a chain of shops linking back to head office.

The clients have a bookkeeper that’s going to come in and do their bookwork. What is surprising is the fact that the bookkeeper did not advise the client that they would need their own server – and possible an IT guy to come and help them get the system set-up.

Clients are looking for more than just a bookkeeper these days. Clients are looking for a bookkeeping service that will actually supply “customer service” – you know, the old fashioned type of service that was not just knowledge. It’s “service with a smile” service with “heart”.

If you want the “wham, bham, thank-you ma’am”, then there’s plenty of cowboy bookkeepers out there who’ll do the work for next to nothing, and more often give you no service, and heaps of headaches, a set of incorrect figures but at least you’ll have not paid much for your bookkeeping fees.

Ormeau Mobile Bookkeeping

Whether you use MYOB / Quickbooks, or you need Software Training for your small business in and around Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh, South East Queensland, Australia, we are here to help. Contact our Ormeau team of mobile book-keepers now Read more… »

Business Activity Statements (BAS), for business owners reporting quarterly, are due on 28 July 2009.

BAS less than 10 Days AwayFor many small business owners, and especially for their bookkeepers, July is always a busy time of year around Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh.

With end of financial year reporting, together with reporting of the 01 April to 30 June quarter BAS due 28 July, businesses that are behind in their paperwork can struggle under extra pressure that they really do not need – contact our Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh bookkeeping service today for help with your BAS

Cash flow has certainly tightened up in the economy. As bookkeepers, we’ve seen that invoice payments are being dragged out longer and longer, as suppliers wait to be paid by customers, and service providers wait to be paid by their clients.

Some small business owners use their GST money as cash-flow for their business, forgetting that these GST funds are monies collected by the business on behalf of the federal government – then they seem shocked that they have no cash to pay what’s owing on their BAS lodgement

The phone’s been ringing as desperate business owners in a panic wanting our Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh bookkeeping service to help with their MYOB and Quickbooks files. In most cases, they can simply email us the files and we’ll have a look at their reporting and can generally work out where the problems are within a short time

One lady contacted our Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh bookkeeping service after spending two days trying to reconcile her Quickbooks bank accounts. We had a look at her file and solved the problem in 35 minutes. Look at the time and stress she would have saved if she had contacted our bookkeeping company when she first noticed that there was a problem

As a small business owner we encourage you to focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest – contact our Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh bookkeeping service today for help with your BAS

We’ve had a number of potential clients contact us, surfing the internet to find the cheapest bookkeeper.

Is a cheap bookkeeper cheap because they themselves do not value their work/worth?

We’ll save you time, the cheapest bookkeeper is probably one who is straight out of TAFE and has got a piece of paper to say that they can do bookkeeping. Maybe the cheapest bookkeeper has done a MYOB course, or a Quickbooks course. Contact us for more details

Maybe the cheapest bookkeeper is just “starting a bookkeeping business” and does not feel confident in “charging too much”

It seems that these days you can get a bookkeeper from Read more… »