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Mobile Bookkeepers Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh

Help With MYOB Bookkeeping in Yatala

A number of our bookkeeping clients in Yatala use MYOB accounting software to streamline the process of bookwork.

Unfortunately for some small business owners in Yatala, their bookkeeping has become a nightmare for a number of reasons. some of which we’ve included below:

Yatala doing MYOB bookeeping yourself

Some people seem to be “naturally gifted” with numbers, whereas others would rather crawl through the desert on broken glass than do their own bookwork

If that’s not a passion or a skill, then why spoil your day getting stressed out and frustrated over performing what to a professional bookkeeper can be a simple task?
You can then free up your time to focus on areas of your Yatala business that can be far more productive for you and your business

Yatala businesses using inexperienced MYOB bookeepers

There’s been recent changes in the legislation requiring bookkeepers to become registered BAS Agents before they can lodge your Business Activity Statements. Whilst the Government can “pat themselves on the back” for creating more red- tape – unfortunately this does not irridacte the problem of inexperineced bookkeepers being let loose on your bookkwork

May be your husband, wife, mother, father ,son or daughter may be willing to help you with the bookkeeping for your Yatala business – or you may have a well-meaning friend that’s done the books

An inexperienced bookkeeper can quickly become a liability in your business though making innocent errors, taking more time than is necessary, or simply not having the expertise

Yatala businesses using incorrect MYOB set-up and installation

Office equipment suppliers and hardly normal electrical retailers may tell you that you can easily do your own bookkeeping by purchasing the MYOB accounting software.

If you do not set up the chart of accounts correctly, and ensure that all the tax codes are correct for your specific business, you may soon become unstuck, and find that you’re paying the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) more than is necessary.

Without having an experienced bookkeeper come in and set up your accounting system correctly, you may find that you will not have a true reflection of the financial side of your Yatala business

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