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Mobile Bookkeepers Ormeau, Yatala, Coomera, Eagleby and Beenleigh

Ormeau Bookkeeping : BAS Due 28 April 2011Time is running out for getting the bookkeeping upto date for your Ormeau, Yatala, and Beenleigh businesses, with the deadline due 28 April 2011

Our Ormeau bookkeepers are busy completing BAS lodgements for our bookkeeping clients, with Easter, ANZAC Day, and the April 28 deadline rapidly approaching

Completing BAS forms has (theoretically) become simpler with the various accounting software packages that people have.

MYOB and Quickbooks software can give you a false sense of security, and there’s always a risk that you’ve entered the data incorrectly, resulting in the wrong figures being entered on the BAS form

How to safeguard against incorrect BAS lodgements

The last thing that your Ormeau, Yatala, or Beenleigh business can afford is to pay the ATO more than is absolutely necessary. Our Ormeau bookkeepers often discover businesses that have made silly errors in data entry. After reviewing their files we’ve shown them how to save $thousands (in some cases).

Ormeau Bookkeeping -BAS Due 28 April 2011The investment into having your bookwork reviewed by our Ormeau bookkeeping team is insiginificant compared to the benefits of accurate bookkeeping for your Ormeau business. Contact us today for a review of your bookkeeping

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