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Firmly established as one of the leading small business bookkeeping packages, Intuit’s QuickBooks provides the small to medium business owner with the tools and technologies needed to quickly and easily maintain an accurate record of their business finances. But why is QuickBooks so popular?

Part of the appeal is that QuickBooks software has been created to meet the growing demand for a specialist product at an affordable price.

Intuit MD, Stephen Lee, commented, “The last thing consultants and other professionals want to do after a productive day applying their specialist knowledge and advice is to spend time managing their business and balancing the books.

QuickBooks Consultant contains no accounting jargon and does everything that is needed. It requires minimal input on their part and gives them a real understanding of where their business stands financially at any time.”

Let’s drill down and examine the ins-and-outs of the QuickBooks line:

Generally speaking, the QuickBooks line (Basic, Pro, and Premier) is appropriate for companies with 1 to 20 employees.

Premier includes more sophisticated features, such as multi-company consolidation, an enhanced audit trail, and more sophisticated administrative functions.

New users can import existing data from Quicken (fairly painless) or bring in CSV or Microsoft Excel files (kind of a pain).

A wizard makes the oh-so-tedious setup process bearable and easy to understand for non-bookkeeping experts.

Ease of Use:
QuickBooks has been designed from the beginning to be used by small businesses that have no dedicated accounting department.

QuickBooks has an edge with features such as question-based help and navigation tools that show a flowchart to guide you in performing tasks in the right order.

QuickBooks provides free guaranteed set up with all Premier products.

QuickBooks uses its own reporting tool and provides a multitude of reports out-of-the-box with the ability to customize the reports by adding columns and changing fonts.

In addition, modified reports can be memorized or imported from accountants or other QuickBooks users.

Industry Specific Editions:
QuickBooks has differentiated itself by creating industry specific systems already designed and set up for specific industries.

Customized versions exist for Accountants, Contractors, Association & Nonprofit organizations, Retail and Repair businesses, Property Management and Professional Services, and Manufacturing and Distribution.

The Accountants edition allows accountants to better manage their client files using Internet-based remote access. The other industry specific systems are designed and set up specifically for that industry to help manage that business more effectively.

The Bottom Line:
QuickBooks makes it easy to perform basic functions such as adding and working with employees, vendors, customers, inventory and more, and creating purchase orders and invoices.

The program offers detailed tools for creating reports; modifying them and applying analytical tools to better understand the information in them. The program remains easy to install, does a great job of prompting for business information and assists in the creation of the charts of accounts.

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